Review: The Simpson PowerShot PS3228-S

    Review: The Simpson PowerShot PS3228-S Timothy Sterling

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    Do you have a lot of cleaning chores that need to get done around your property all year long? Would you love to have a pressure washer that has commercial strength, but residential flexibility so that those needs could be met? The Simpson PowerShot PS3228-S offers to solve all of your problems for you for a pretty amazing price. For less than $550, you’ll receive a 3200 PSI pressure washer that can clean virtually anything or remove any stain. If you are looking for sheer power, this machine provides it.

    What Are the Features of the Simpson PowerShot? 

    The primary feature of this pressure washer that makes it stand out is the triplex plunger pump, combined with its ceramic coated pistons, which allows users to clean virtually any surface. Add in the PowerBoost technology that is exclusive to this brand and you’ll receive higher and more consistent pressure at the nozzle, allowing you to spend less on fuel to get a better result than other similar models at this price point.

    There are some additional features that may make the Simpson PowerShot be the best pressure washer for you.

    • The 25 foot hose is designed to be resistant to kinking and looping, while also being abrasion resistant. You won’t leave marks on your deck or walls with this hose either.
    • The frame is made from welded steel and a solid steel axle and steel engine plate give you added strength and stability.
    • 5 quick connect nozzle tips are included out of the box with this pressure washer: 0, 15, 25, & 40 degree nozzles plus a soap applicator.

    There are a lot of pressure washers that offer a strong PSI, but a weak overall performance because of the quality of the craftsmanship behind the machine. That is definitely not the case with the Simpson PowerShot.

    Why Choose the Simpson PowerShot Today? 

    We really loved the flexibility that comes with the Simpson PowerShot. You don’t have to blast everything you own with 3200 PSI when you own this pressure washer. Using throttle adjustments, you can cut the pressure by 50% so that you can clean more sensitive items, such as your lawn furniture. The different nozzles also add to the customization of use that makes owning this pressure washer such a joy.

    The design of this pressure washer is a small concern in terms of hose placement. It’s near the muffler and the muffler will get quite hot during extended use. This heat, combined with the closeness of the hose, can cause it to melt. We recommend using this pressure washer on the opposite side of the muffler to avoid this issue.

    Not every home needs a 3200 PSI pressure washer, but for those that do, the Simpson PowerShot provides the versatility and power that is needed for a fair price. Use it and you’ll quickly see why we have no hesitation in recommending this machine as one of the best pressure washers available today.

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