Review: The Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S

    Review: The Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S Timothy Sterling

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    Do you have a large property that needs to be regularly cleaned throughout the year? Are you tired of those stains on your deck or need to prepare your deck for a new coat of weather sealant? The Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S is a high powered pressure washer that has you in mind. Providing 3100 PSI of cleaning power, backed by exclusive PowerBoost technology, you’ll be able to get any job done quickly and easily thanks to this equipment. Best of all, it’s priced for less than $400 right now on Amazon.

    What Are the Key Features of the Simpson MegaShot? 

    We appreciated the fact that this pressure washer included 5 quick connect nozzles to go with its comfortable spray want and 0.25” high pressure hose so that users can have a maximum amount of versatility. You simply click in the nozzle that you want, double-check that it has been secured, and then you can clean in the way that you need at any given moment. You get nozzles from 0-40 degrees and a separate soap applicator.

    We also noticed a few other features with the Simpson MegaShot of which you may find interesting.

    • This pressure washer incorporates a downstream detergent injection system so that most compatible cleaners can be used with ease.
    • The axial cam brass head pump is designed to be maintenance-free.
    • The twist-on connectors for the water and spray hoses mean you’ll get a good seal without a lot of fuss or hassle.

    Strong enough for the shop, yet versatile enough to be used at home, this patent pending pressure washer offers a factory tested experience that will help you clean everything from house siding to lawn furniture. If you’re tired of scrubbing stuff clean with a bucket and a brush, then the Simpson MegaShot is a definite investment to consider.

    Why Choose the Simpson MegaShot Today? 

    We really loved the safety features that are included with this particular pressure washer that are designed to help keep your investment safe. It’s going to shut down if it gets too warm or if it senses that there isn’t enough oil to properly run. This also means that you’re going to need to relieve any pressure within the system before the Simpson MegaShot will start for you.

    In surveying the various user complaints that this particular pressure washer has generated, it is important to note that if you have a pressure washer shipped to you, it is important to not start the equipment immediately. Unbox it, allow it to sit in the garage so its seals can expand, and then use it 2 or 3 days later. You’ll prevent many of the immediate leaking issues that are noted on this model by doing so.

    The Simpson MegaShot is a stable, powerful pressure washer that we believe you will enjoy using. If you need a strong stream to clear away a tough stain, this is the best affordable option that is on the market today.

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