Review: The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825

    Review: The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Timothy Sterling

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    Are you looking for a highly portable pressure washer that won’t clog the atmosphere with exhaust pollution? Do you want equipment that is strong enough to get plenty of cleaning accomplished, yet not be so overpowering that you leave marks on your deck that are permanent? The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 offers a solid user experience. With a 20 foot hose and long power cord, you’ll be able to wind up both easily with the attached holders and go wherever the cleaning chores take you. The price is also great, coming in at just under $100 on Amazon right now.

    What Are the Key Features of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825?

    After taking a look at this particular pressure washer, we couldn’t help but enjoy the instant start and stop feature that has been included. The Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer will begin and end almost instantly. You have immediate pressure right when you begin so there are the delays you can experience as a gas powered pressure washer builds up its RPMs. When you’re done, just choose the instant stop and put the pressure washer away. It’s that simple!

    There are certain other features of which you may find to be of interest as well.

    • It offers a total output of 1.5 GPM in addition to a total PSI rating of 1800.
    • The swivel hose adaptor allows you to use the spray wand from virtually any angle without having to worry about the hose kinking or looping up on you.
    • It is also one of the quietest pressure washers that is on the market right now.

    The power cord stretches to 35 feet and is GFCI equipped, so it will be able to work for most homes. With an adjustable fan lance and a turbo lance, you’ll quickly find that almost any job can get done quickly and effectively.

    What Are the Advantages of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825? 

    The primary advantage that we saw with this particular electric pressure washer was the size of its on-board detergent tank. It is able to hold up to 1 liter of detergent at a time, which can cover an average-sized deck on just one fill. With a wand that is 32.5 inches long and a 1 year warranty, you’ll find that the Campbell Hausfeld has been designed to be easy to use, powerful enough to make an impact, and your investment will be protected.

    The one area of improvement that we noted with this particular pressure washer was the placement of the power cord holder. It’s barely off the ground, which means you’ll need to loop the cord very carefully when you’re ready to store this equipment This takes some added time – not much, but still could impact some owners.

    At this price point, you’re getting a high quality cleaning experience with the Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer. Perfect for all of those cleaning chores around the house, you’ll find that it doesn’t take a large investment to make a large impact on those built-up stains that can accumulate. Try it today and we believe that you’ll be please with the results!

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