Review: The AR Blue Clean Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

    Review: The AR Blue Clean Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer Timothy Sterling

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    Are you looking for an entry level pressure washer that is incredibly easy to start? Do you have cleaning needs that are limited to sidewalks and patio furniture? The AR Blue Clean hand carried electric pressure washer is ready to solve the problems that you have. Not only can it be used indoors if necessary, but it will provide 1500 PSI to help solve your light duty needs. Light and flexible, it’s also priced affordably right now at just $99 on Amazon.

    Why Choose the AR Blue Clean 1500 PSI Pressure Washer? 

    With this particular pressure washer, it’s all about the amount of water you save over using a garden hose to wash something down. Not only is this AR Blue Clean model 10 times more powerful than the thumb over the garden hose or a spray attachment, it also will use up to 80% less water. This means that you’ll be able to clean your landscaping without having a sky high water bill or be able to wash your vehicle at home in a pinch.

    There are some other specific features that you may enjoy with the AR Blue Clean hand carried pressure washer as well:

    • It is incredibly easy to start. Just plug the pressure washer directly into an outlet and turn it on.
    • An automatic safety valve has been included within the design so that pressure shuts off at the pump head if something goes wrong.
    • You’ll receive 20 feet of spray hose and 30 feet of electrical cord that are easy to wind up and store when the job is done.

    It is important to remember to plug this pressure washer directly into an outlet instead of using an extension cord. Extension cords change the amps that are delivered to the machine and this can affect pressure output or even the integrity of the pump in more extreme cases.

    What Advantages Does the AR Blue Clean 1500 PSI Have? 

    We really like the fact that there is a decent warranty included on all of the parts of this AR Blue Clean pressure washer. You’ll receive a 90 day warranty on the hose and the spray want, while a 1 year warranty is included on the machine itself. Combine that with the fact that this pressure washer it extremely quiet and incredibly portable and you may just find that a winning combination has been created!

    The one place of improvement with this particular pressure washer that we’d like to see in the future is to swap out the plastic connectors for metal ones. You’ll get a tight seal and they’re easy enough to use, but the plastic gives a certain fragility to this pressure washer that could be easily prevented with metal connectors instead.

    For light duty needs, the AR Blue Clean hand carry electric pressure washer is heavy on results. If you have basic needs that include cleaning stairs or other landscaping features regularly, then this could very well be the best pressure washer to affordably meet those needs today.

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal on the AR Blue Clean Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer.

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