Review: The AR Blue Clean AR142-P Pressure Washer

    Review: The AR Blue Clean AR142-P Pressure Washer Timothy Sterling

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    Are you looking for an upgraded light duty pressure washer to clean your vehicles or your patio furniture? Do you want a system that is easy to move around and store? The AR Blue Clean AR142-P offers a pressure washing system that delivers 1600 PSI and an innovative design that increases its portability. You’ll be able to store it with ease, save money since it’s priced around $125 on Amazon today, and get the effective cleaning that you need at home.

    What Are the Features of the AR Blue Clean AR142-P? 

    Unlike other pressure washers that just provide you with a spray wand and a few nozzles, the AR Blue Clean AR142-P offers you a full cleaning system. You’ll receive a foamer bottle, an adjustable spray lance, and a rotating floor brush that will help you clean floors and carpets with ease. Although the water pressure isn’t of commercial quality, there is still enough present to get most residential surfaces completely clean and sanitary.

    There are some additional features to think about with this pressure washing system as well.

    • The power cord and spray hose are long enough at 20 feet and 35 feet respectively to give users a good working range.
    • There’s enough power to wash siding and decking, though tough stains may not come out using this system.
    • Because it is an electrical pressure washer, you won’t have to worry about maintaining a gasoline engine throughout the off-season.

    Many pressure washing systems that are inexpensive also tend to provide an inferior result at the end of the day. The AR Blue Clean AR142-P, however, provides a consistent result with every use. With proactive cleaning about twice per month, you’ll be able to keep most of your property surfaces clean from dirt and debris.

    Why Choose the AR Blue Clean AR142-P Today? 

    There are three primary reasons to choose this pressure washer cleaning system today. First of all, it is really simple to use. You just attach the features that you need and then get to work. Secondly, the price can’t be beat. Purchasing the AR Blue Clean AR142-P is cheaper than hiring someone to do the pressure washing work for you. Finally, the extra attachments are definitely something that most home owners are going to consistently use.

    If you’re not familiar with pressure washers, we can see how the included instructions with this particular unit could be a little confusing. We’d also like to see an attachment where the spray hose and power cord could be easily stored on the pressure washer.

    If you’re on a tight budget, but need to have a pressure washer to take care of your property effectively, then the AR Blue Clean AR142-P offers you the opportunities you might have been hoping to find. It’s strong enough to get the job done without being overpowering and that’s why it is one of the best pressure washers available today.

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