Generac Pressure Washer Models Reviewed

    Generac Pressure Washer
    Generac is a leading provider of at-home equipment that you need to make life easier. Famous for their generators, many homeowners also enjoy the benefits of owning a pressure washer from this manufacturer. No matter what your job might be, there is a perfect Generac pressure washer just waiting to help you get the job done today. Click the link if you’re looking for our full collection of pressure washer reviews.

    Here Is The Best Chart for Generac Pressure Washers

    Generac has created a wide array of models that are specifically designed to help meet the most needs possible. By using the chart below, you’ll be able to determine which model has been created to meet your needs.

    PictureNamePressure (PSI)Our RatingPrice
    PictureNamePressure (PSI)Our RatingPrice
    Generac 6596 Gas Powered Pressure Washer28004.2$$
    Generac 6602 OneWash 4-In-1 PowerDial Gas Powered Pressure Washer31003.9$$$
    Generac 6595 Gas Powered Pressure Washer25004.1$$
    Generac 6598 Gas Powered Pressure Washer31004.0$$$
    Generac 5993 Gas Powered Pressure Washer31003.9$$$$
    Generac 6414 OneWash 4-In-1 PowerDial Gas Powered Pressure Washer2000-30003.4$$$
    Generac 6590 Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer31003.3$$$$
    Generac 6564 Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer38003.3$$$$$
    Generac 5994 Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer31005.0$$$$$

    How Do I Find The Right Generac Pressure Washer?

    In general, lighter and more occasional uses of a pressure washer need a lower PSI, while tougher and more consistent use needs a higher PSI. Generac pressure washers top out at 4200 PSI, which is strong enough to meet many industrial applications. Assuming you aren’t running a fabrication center from your property, most households will find that a generator between 2800 PSI – 3100 PSI will be in the right range to meet a majority of their needs.

    Starting in 1990, Generac began applying their base of knowledge to the improvement of air-cooled engines. This helped the industry to start re-thinking what could be possible for an at-home pressure washer. For the first time, the average household could begin to afford the convenience of a pressure washer. Because of their reputation of creating great products at fair prices, they dominate the industry, accounting for about 50% of the US pressure washer business each year.

    About a decade ago, Generac sold off their entire line of power washers to focus on generators. The research and development that came from that decision helped Generac create a brand new line of pressure washers that are better than the rest. That’s why reading each comprehensive review about power washers from this brand is so essential to the purchasing process in the industry today.

    What Are The Advantages of Owning a Generac Pressure Washer?

    Generac has designed pressure washers that are more upright than the competition for some specific reasons. Although this can make them more prone to falls at times, there are also some advantages to this unique design.

    • The pump on each Generac pressure washer is up higher than in competitive makes and models, making it easily accessible to virtually anyone who may need to use the equipment.
    • Horizontal shaft engines are used to create the high PSI levels because it was easier to initiate safety features like low-oil shutdown.
    • The pump and the engine have been moved backward in the frame to be positioned more centrally to the wheel axle, making transportation of the generator an easier prospect for most people.

    Generac works hard to make sure the basics of pressure washing are met, no matter what PSI level that equipment might have. This means users can rest assured that they will get a strong flow of water, the option to control the angle and pressure of the water, and consistent safety features that will protect their investment.

    Unlike other organizations that sell pressure washers, Generac also offers a system of online product support. Anyone who has ever had to sit on hold for 60 minutes or more to make a warranty claim understands the benefit of this immediately. Instead of dealing with an organization that tries to break you and just give up on a broken product, Generac actively works to make sure that every customer is satisfied in the best way possible.

    What Are The Common Problems Seen With Generac Pressure Washers?

    The biggest issue that users face with a Generac pressure washer are the nozzle tips. They don’t always fit in properly and this can cause the pressure washer to begin leaking. When they are fitted properly, a slight impact on the nozzle can often break it. Generac offers replacement parts that can be ordered directly online and they are also available on websites like Amazon, but a higher level of care is often necessary to maintain these parts.

    Generac also has entry-level pressure washers that tend to break down over time because there are certain components that are made from plastic and they just wear out. It’s nice to have the lightweight option for transportation, but you’ll often be looking at spare parts online if you use the basic models on a consistent basis. If you plan on using your pressure washer more than twice per month, you’ll want to look at the Generac reviews we have on their upgraded models.

    There’s also the upright design of the Generac power washer. They stand taller than most other pressure washers, which alters their center of gravity. Without careful use and supervision, it can be very easy to tip the pressure washers from this brand over. That means there is the extra potential for damage and any tip-over would be considered user negligence and disqualify the warranty that is included upon purchase.

    What Are The Prices of Generac Pressure Washers?

    Generac pressure washers pretty much hit all of the price point averages that are seen in the industry today. You can find entry-level models that are priced below $200 online and sometimes this even includes free shipping. These entry-level models are typically 1900 PSI or below. On the other end of the spectrum, high-end industrial grade pressure washers from Generac may cost more than $1,000, even on websites like Amazon.

    Most households will find their perfect pressure washer from Generac in the $300 price range. This will generally bring a 2500-PSI pressure washer home that can scrape off mold and clean vehicles with ease.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    Generac 6602 OneWash 4-In-1 PowerDial Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    Do you want a pressure washer that gives you the option to have variable pressure control? The Generac 6602 provides 3100 PSI with a 2.8 gallon per minute flow rate for an amazing clean. It’s strong enough to even fulfil limited commercial pressure washing obligations, so it will easily meet the needs you have at home. It offers a comfort handle grip that reduces the strength that is necessary to maintain the flow of water, allowing for longer periods of use. 3 quick-change nozzle tips are also included: 0 degree, 25 degree, and a soap nozzle for an added level of versatility.

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal.

    Generac 6596 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    Do you want your equipment to give you options for your pressure washing chores so that you can clean in the most effective way? The Generac 6596 offers a 2800-PSI solution for pressure washing that will help most home owners clean their properties up with ease. Strong enough to get mold and mildew off a deck, yet gentle enough for patio furniture, it offers a ¾ gallon detergent tank that allows for on-board storage of your cleaning soaps. It is surprisingly versatile and can go virtually anywhere!

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal.

    Generac 5993 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    Are you on a job site that needs some basic pressure washing needs met? The Generac 5993 offers users a 3100-PSI experience that is created through 2.8 gallons of water per minute. Combined with the strong 212cc OHV engine that has low oil shutdown features and you’ll have a very user-friendly pressure washer that will provide you with a consistently good experience. With the largest engine for its pressure rating in its class and with it being backed by a 3-year warranty, there are a lot of things to love about the Generac 5993.

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal.

    Generac 6595 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    Are you in need of a pressure washer that will conveniently clean virtually any surface that your home has to offer? This wonderful pressure washer provides 2500 PSI of power thanks to a 196cc OHV engine and a wonderful flexibility of use. Thanks to the easy-access hose connections, you won’t have to stoop down or hurt your knees to connect the water line again. Connect it easily to a water line; give it a little room to run, and you’ll have your cleaning chores done in no time at all thanks to the Generac 6595.

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal.

    Generac 6564 Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer

    Near the top of the scale of Generac power washers is this model, offering a 302cc engine and triplex pumps that will last for nearly 4 times longer than your average pump. The spray trigger is remarkably light to pull and prevents long-term user fatigue, while vibrations are minimized thanks to a professional-quality cushioned grip. Although this pressure washer isn’t CARB compliant, users who can purchase this unit will find that the 35 foot steel braided hose and 24 inch gun are perfect for delivery a consistent, high quality experience.

    Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find an awesome deal.

    Generac pressure washers offer every household the chance to experience an enhanced level of clean. Even if you’re on a budget, you will find through our comprehensive guide to the best pressure washer that there is a model that will work with what you have so that you can enhance the value of your home. Check out everything that Generac has to offer today!

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