Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Reviews

    Briggs Stratton Power Washer
    Whether you’ve got a large project in mind to help restore the value of your property or you just have a couple of quick cleaning chores, a Briggs and Stratton pressure washer has been created to make sure your needs are met. You can bring more power to any outdoor cleaning need with this brand and with specialized attachments and cleaning options, your value can go further than a basic spray wand and nozzle.

    Here Is The Best Chart for Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washers

    How much pressure washer do you need in order to find cleaning success? You can answer that question right here, thanks to the chart we’ve put together below for fast information comparison.

    PictureNamePressure (PSI)PriceOur Rating
    PictureNamePressure (PSI)PriceOur Rating
    Briggs & Stratton 205942600$$N/A
    Briggs & Stratton 205932800$$$4.3
    Briggs & Stratton 205923000$$$4.8
    Briggs & Stratton 20569 Powerflow Plus Gas Pressure Washer3000$$$2.9
    Briggs & Stratton 20654 Electric Pressure Washer1700$$N/A
    Briggs & Stratton 20601 POWERflow+ 4.0-GPM Electric Pressure Washer1800$$$3.6
    Briggs & Stratton 20507 Elite Series Gas Pressure Washer4000$$$$$+5.0
    Briggs & Stratton 20505 Gas Pressure Washer3400$$$$3.8
    Briggs & Stratton 20542 Elite Series Gas Pressure Washer3300$$$$$+4.4
    Briggs & Stratton 205043000$$$$4.3

    Why Choose a Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer?

    The Briggs and Stratton has a commitment to making your life easier. That’s why you’ll see a number of unique differences with their power washers when you compare them side-by-side with other brands. The newest washers of this brand include push-button starting so you don’t even need to pull start them any more. You’ve got options at every PSI level so that you can clean heavy-duty components or spray away the debris of Fall. The choices are all in your hands.

    A lot of the focus on pressure washers begins with the PSI levels, but Briggs and Stratton knows that you won’t get a good PSI without a good engine. That’s why many choose this brand. They are a proven name in the engine industry and they guarantee that you’ll receive a durable, powerful engine that always exceeds current industry environmental standards.

    Making the choice of brand is easy. Finding the right model is what is difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a series of reviews to help you out. Based on the facts and our observations, you’ll get straight information and not some slanted sales pitch like you’ll find all over the internet today.

    What Do You Need To Know About Briggs and Stratton

    Your new Briggs and Stratton power washer is a great machine, but it also needs some regular maintenance in order to work properly. You will want to make sure that you check the engine oil every time you use your power washer. It’s very important that you don’t overfill the crankcase because it could foul the spark plug or saturate the air filter. Hot oil also tends to smoke.

    The high-powered sprays from Briggs and Stratton also mean that it is important to never wear open-toed shoes while using the equipment. The streams of water can penetrate the skin and that can cause a very painful injury. That’s also why it is important to never spray a high-powered stream of water at someone.

    As a final safety step, Briggs and Stratton has also included a spray wand trigger lock with most models. If you don’t detach the spray wand and high pressure hose when you’re finished working, then be sure to engage the trigger lock so that the equipment cannot be inadvertently used.

    What Is The Advantage of Owning a Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer?

    Briggs and Stratton has been involved in the engine business for a number of industries for more than a couple of generations, so they’ve learned a thing or two about home care along the way. This experience is an advantage for every customer who wishes to invest into a pressure washer with this brand. Rather than just provide users with a spray wand and a few nozzles, you’ve got the opportunity to meet even more needs around the house with their equipment.

    Here is a look at just a few of the added features you can find on Amazon today to supplement your Briggs and Stratton pressure washer.

    • Surface Cleaners. Although they make your spray wand look more like a metal detector than a pressure washer, this tool is perfect for hardwood floors. If you have a gas power washer, keep the unit outside to prevent carbon monoxide build-up.
    • Pump to Hose Kits. These kits help to simplify the already easy to use hose connections that can be found on this brand’s pressure washers. It includes a 2 foot high pressure hose that will eliminate any awkward stretching that you might be doing right now.
    • Second Story Cleaning. Most residential power washers just don’t have the strength to be able to do second story cleaning. If you have solar panels on your roof? Forget about it. With the spray nozzle kit by Briggs and Stratton, you’ll be able to reach the upper parts of your home without needing to climb up a ladder with your pressure washer.

    Briggs and Stratton allows you to customize like no other manufacturer of pressure washers. That is what makes this brand truly stand out. You’ll get the most value out of your long-term investment in many circumstances and that will give you a cleaning advantage in almost any situation where you may need a pressure washer.

    What Are The Prices of a Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer?

    Even with the advanced technologies that have been incorporated into the modern Briggs and Stratton pressure washers, you will find that they are competitively priced at every PSI level. Entry-level models are priced around $200 and most residential users will find that there is a lot of strength in this entry-level model. Even advanced medium duty options are priced in the $300 range. If you’re on a tight budget and want a high quality investment, this is the brand that can provide that for you.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    Briggs & Stratton 20507 Elite Series Gas Pressure Washer

    This is the perfect pressure washer to take care of those heavy-duty maintenance chores that you may not have even realized that you had. Do you have a deck that has turned grey or even green because of its exposure to the elements? Has your driveway turned from a light color to a dark, almost oily color? From brick to concrete to wood, you will be able to safely and effectively remove even the strongest stains that have latched onto your property with this pressure washer. It’s a premium pressure washer that is designed to provide premium results.

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    Briggs & Stratton 20593 Gas Pressure Washer

    We really loved the inclusion of the detergent injection system that’s on this particular pressure washer. The cleaning solution of a user’s preference is infused directly into the water stream so that an easier and much faster cleaning experience is obtained. Add that to the fact that you never need to choke or prime the engine to get it to start and you’ll have a wonderful experience if you invest into this particular pressure washer. There are also a number of accessory compartments built into the housing of the Briggs and Stratton 20593 so that you’ll always have the tools you need close by for an efficient operation.

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    Briggs & Stratton 20592 Gas Pressure Washer

    If your outdoor cleaning projects involve vehicles, patios, and furniture, then this is the perfect pressure washer for you. At 3000 PSI, it’s going to get virtually any job you’ve got at home finished in no time at all. With a 1 gallon detergent injection system that gives you better cleaning power and Easy Start tech that will let you forget out those horrible cold start pulls, the 20592 delivers on the perceived value that it provides at first glance. This professional series engine gives you consistent cleaning results, even when regularly used, and that’s why it is one of the best pressure washers around.

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    Briggs & Stratton 20569 Powerflow Plus Gas Pressure Washer

    This pressure washer delivers a maximum level of cleaning power that most other equipment just can’t match. It offers 3000 PSI, but delivers the water at 5 gallons per minute. You won’t be saving much on your utility bill with this machine, but you will be able to power through any weekend project with ease. The axial cam pump also offers a maintenance free experience that will have you spending more time enjoying the results of your work instead of preparing to get to work.

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    Briggs & Stratton 20654 Electric Pressure Washer

    This pressure washer will help you save the environment, save on your water bill, and even help you inflate a basketball if you really want that to happen. At 1700 PSI, this light duty electric model will take care of your sidewalks and stairs, but as an added feature, it also has an integrated air inflator for small items. It has the Briggs and Stratton detergent injection system for great cleaning power and at just 25 pounds; it is light enough for you to take it virtually anywhere with ease.

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    Briggs and Stratton has created a series of incredible pressure washers that are all designed to meet a specific need in some way. If you’re ready to explore everything that a pressure washer from this brand could do to help you achieve a higher level of clean, then be sure to go through our comprehensive reviews today so that you can choose the equipment and features that will best meet your needs.

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